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School of Engineering

In our modern technological society, engineers and scientists must work together with a variety of other professionals in seeking solutions to complex problems. Revolutionary advances in applied science and technology have broadened the horizons of engineering. At the same time, these advances have created a multitude of challenging multidisciplinary problems in virtually every sphere of human activity.

The role of engineers in today's society has become more and more complex. Engineers require not only knowledge of mathematics and the associated sciences for finding solutions to problems, but at the same time must be aware of the broad social, economic, political, and environmental implications of their ventures.

The engineering programs at Presidency University are designed to provide students with a foundation in science, engineering, humanities, and management. Our goal is to enable the graduates to make significant contributions in their chosen fields while at the same time recognizing their responsibilities to society.

At present Department of Civil Engineering, and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the School offer three fully accredited undergraduate academic programs.


Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

-B.Sc in Civil Engineering -146 Credit hours


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

-B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE) - 140 Credit hours

-B.Sc in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering(ETE) -138 Credit hours

-B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) -139 Credit hours