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Why Presidency University?

Because we provide quality education at an affordable cost. We have qualified faculty base, state of the art lab facilities, student friendly campus environment for study and strict academic rules and guidelines for each and every student.

Major area of BBA

Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Operations Management

Core Courses (60 Credits): 

Course CodeCourse Title 
BUS 101

Introduction to Business

BUS 103

English Reading and Composition

BUS 133

Advanced Composition

BUS 221

Business Communications

BMT 105

Business Mathematics I

BMT 165

Business Mathematics II

ACN 115

Financial Accounting I

ACN 155

Financial Accounting II

ACN 375


CST 109

Computer Applications

LAW 121

Business Law

MGT 111

Principles of Management

MGT 161

Organizational Behavior

MGT 311


ECN 127


ECN 257


IBS 363

International Business

BST 119

Business Statistics I

BST 305

Business Statistics II

FIN 307

Principles of Banking and Insurance

Courses in Functional Areas (21 credits): 


Course CodeCourse Title 
MKT 207

Introduction to Marketing

MKT 307

Marketing Management

FIN 231

Introduction to Finance

FIN 331

Managerial Finance

ACN 255

Management Accounting

MGT 271

Production and Operations Management

MGT 302

Human Resources Management

 Open Elective Courses (21 credits):  

Course CodeCourse Title 
SOC 201


SOC 203


HUM 205

Bangladesh Studies

ENV 207

Environmental Studies

EVN 209

Fundamentals of Natural Science

ECN 267

Economic Geography

ECN 317

Development Economics

BUS 425

Business Research Methodology

MGT 427

Project Management

MGT 429

Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development

 Major Electives (15 Credits):


Course CodeCourse Title 
FIN 404

Financial Markets and Institutions

FIN 407

Capital Investment Decisions

FIN 417

Corporate Finance

FIN 425

Financial Engineering

FIN 427

Public Finance

FIN 431

International Financial Management

FIN 441

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

FIN 444

Cases in Financial Management

FIN 451

Financial Statement Analysis

FIN 455

Investment Banking and Lease Finance

FIN 457

Financial Economics

FIN 461

Financial Derivatives

FIN 463

Real Estate Finance

FIN 464

Project Management

FIN 465

Bank Management


Course CodeCourse Title 
MKT 401

Marketing for non-profit Organizations

MKT 407

Consumer Behavior

MKT 408

Export Import Management

MKT 409

Advertising and Sales Management

MKT 417

Electronic Marketing

MKT 421

Services Marketing

MKT 427

International Marketing

MKT 431

Marketing Research

MKT 435

Supply Chain Management

MKT 441

Brand Management

MKT 443

Retail Marketing

MKT 445

Customer Relationship Management

MKT 447

Business to Business Marketing (Industrial Marketing)

MKT 451

Strategic Marketing

MKT 457

Product Planning and Management

MKT 458

Rural Marketing


Course CodeCourse Title 
HRM 405

Human Resource Planning and Forecasting

HRM 407

Training and Development

HRM 408

Compensation Management

HRM 410

Recruitment, Counseling and E-HRM

HRM 415

Career Management

HRM 417

Industrial Law and Labor Relations

HRM 421

Performance Appraisal and Management

HRM 429

Strategic Human Resource Management

HRM 431

Human Resources Accounting

HRM 433

Conflict Management

HRM 445

Leadership: Theory and Practice

HRM 448

Human Resources Information System ( HRIS)

HRM 460

Labor Economics

HRM 461

HRM Practices

HRM 467

Cases in Human Resources Management

HRM 469

Corporative HRM Practices

HRM 470

Supervisory Management

HRM 472

Wages and Salary Administration


Course CodeCourse Title 
OPN 401

Productivity Management

OPN 403

Operations Research

OPN 407

Total Quality Management

OPN 409

Business Logistics

OPN 414

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

OPN 415

Inventory Management & Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

OPN 421

Just In Time (JIT) Systems

OPN 421

Managerial Decision Analysis

OPN 423

Project Management

OPN 427

Operations Planning and Control

OPN 435

Supply Chain Management

OPN 441

Production Forecasting

OPN 438

Value Chain Management

Integrative Course (3 credits):

Course CodeCourse Title 
MGT 493

Strategic Management

Project/ Internship (3 credits):

Course CodeCourse Title 
INT 495


INT 494