Presidency University

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


BA in English - 121 Credits
BSS in Economics - 120 Credits
MA in English Language Teaching - 36 Credits
MSS in Economics - 30 Credits


The department of English is one of the most vibrant departments at Presidency University. It is relatively small in size; however, the programs it offers in the field of English and Teaching are of very high quality and standard. All of it's faculty have had outstanding academic backgrounds and they have had gone throuhgh formal training before becoming a teacher. The class sizes are small which means students get more attention from the teachers. Additionally, to help struggling students keep up with the rigors of the academic programs, tutorials are offered and the teachers spend extra ours beyond class time with the students. It's program structure, course contents, testing and evaluation are equivalent to the international standards.

Currently the department is offering undergraduate and graduate programs that are approved by the University Grant Commission(UGC) of Bangladesh. The curriculum are systematically revised and updated.

Undergraduate Programs

- BA in English - 121 Credits

Graduate Program

- MA in English Language Teaching (ELT) - 36 Credits

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