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Science and Engineering related articles- Part: B




Articale Name Author                        
Published Date                  
001 The Softer and Harder Sides of a Technology Implementation Tanushri  Banerjee,
Rajendrasinh  Parmar
002 A   Study on the Role of Biometric Technology in Relation to University Teachers with Special Reference to Pune City Saroj Hiremath,
003 ESP Needs Analysis for Engineering Students: A Learner Centered Approach  Md. Jamal Hossain  July,2013  
004 Synthesis and Characterization of Two New Imidazolylphosphine Hybrid Ligands and Their Ni (II), Co-(II) and-(III) Complexes  M. Abdul Jalil  July,2013  
005 A Study of Shielding Design for the Radioisotope Store and Dispensing Room of Nuclear Medicine Centers in Bangladesh M.M.Alam,P.K.Mohonta,
006 An Efficient Method for Frequency Calculation of an Audio Signal  Nazibur Rahman  July,2013  
007 Traffic Flow Interruptions in Dhaka City: Is Smooth Traffic Flow Possible? Sakib Mahmud Khan,
Md. Shamsul Hoque
008 Depletion Width of a Nonuniformly Doped Schottky Barrier Diode M.M Shahidul Hassan,
Orchi Hassan
009 Synthesis and Investigation of the Structural Properties of the BaTi0.92Ga0.08O3-δ Perovskite by X-ray Diffraction Shahzad H.
M. Abdul Jalil
010 Shear Rates Calculation on Natural Convection of Non-Newtonian Fluid over a Horizontal Circular Cylinder with Uniform Surface Heat Fluxes Sidhartha Bhowmick,
Md Mamun Molla
011 Steady State Analysis of an Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Dr.Tapan Kumar Chakraborty  July,2013  
012 Extreme Temperature Climatology and Evaluation of Heat Index in Bangladesh During 1981-2010 Zubayed Bin Rakib  July,2013