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Major Area of MBA


Human Resource Management


Course Code

Course Title

HRM 601

Human Resource Planning & Policy

HRM 602

Compensation Management

HRM 603

Industrial Law and Labor Relations

HRM 604

Organization Control

HRM 605

Strategic Human Resource Management

HRM 606

Training & Development

HRM 607

Performance Appraisal and Management

HRM 608

Conflict Management

HRM 609

Human Resource Information Systems

HRM 610

Global Human Resources Management

HRM 611

Human Resource Management Practices in  Bangladesh

HRM 612

Organization Development

HRM 613

Industrial Organization and Management of Technology

HRM 614

Ethics and Social Issues in Management

HRM 615

Collective Bargaining & Negotiation

HRM 616

Selection & Staffing


Operations Management


Course Code

Course Title

OPN 601

Productivity Management

OPN 602

Total Quality Management

OPN 603

Operations Research

OPN 604

Logistics Management

OPN 605

Advanced Operations Management

OPN 606

Materials Management

OPN 607

Production Simulation

OPN 608

Operations Planning and Control

OPN 609

Supply Chain Management

OPN 610

Technology and Change

OPN 611

Project Management

OPN 612

Computer-Aided Design

OPN 613

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)


Micro Finance


Course Code

Course Title

MFN 601

Micro Finance and Development

MFN 602

Management of Micro Finance Institutions

MFN 603

Rules and Regulations of Micro Finance

MFN 604

Micro Finance Research & Methods

MFN 605

Social Business & Micro Finance

MFN 606

Role of NGOs in Micro Finance

MFN 607

Cooperative Management & Micro Finance


Health Care Management


Course Code

Course Title

HCM 601

Introduction to Healthcare Management

HCM 602

Healthcare Operations

HCM 603

Leadership and Management in Healthcare Organization

HCM 604

Information Systems in Health Care Management

HCM 605

Economics & Financing of Health Care Delivery

HCM 606

Health Care Systems

HCM 607

Clinical Issues in Health Care Management

HCM 608

Managed Care and the Industrial Organization of Health Care

HCM 609

E-Health: Business Models and Impact

HCM 610

Health Care Entrepreneurship

HCM 611

Health Law and Ethics

HCM 612

Statistical Methods for Health Policy and Management

HCM 613

Medical Journalism

HCM 614

Strategic Management and Marketing of Health Care Organizations

HCM 615

Public Health Care Expenditure

Management Information System (MIS)


Course Code

Course Title

MIS 601

Advanced E-Business

MIS 602

Computer Networking and Data Communication

MIS 603

Computer Programming and Applications

MIS 604

Database Management

MIS 605

Decision Support Systems

MIS 606

Data Mining

MIS 607

Geographical Information System


Financial Economics


Course Code

Course Title

FEC 601

Monetary Economics

FEC 602

Agricultural Economics

FEC 603

Public Economics

FEC 604

Basic Econometrics

FEC 605

Development Economics

FEC 606

Economic Planning

FEC 607

Labor Economics

FEC 608

Industrial Economics

FEC 609

Health Economics

FEC 610

International Economics

FEC 611

Financial Economics


Real Estate Management


Course Code

Course Title

RST 601

Real Estate Management

RST 602

Real Estate Finance

RST 603

Real Estate Investment Analysis

RST 604

Real Estate Project Management

RST 605

Real Estate Financial Market in Bangladesh

RST 606

Real Estate Law

RST 607

Real Estate Appraisal

RST 608

Urban Real Estate Economics  

RST 609

Real Estate Development


Integrative Course: 3 Credits


Course Code

Course Title

MGT 615

Strategic Management and Business Policy


Project Report/ Internship: Non-Credit


Course Code

Course Title

BUS 603

Project Report

BUS 605